aromatherapy classes

Knowing and feeling essential oils benefit your life by making it more fragrant, healthy and beautiful. My aromatherapy classes are whole experiences involving senses, inspiration and learning. Experience scents from over 80 different essential oils with face to face interactive classes. To feel the scents is as important same as to study knowledge about them.

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listen to the scents
Open the doorway with this overview of the world of Aromatherapy.

–History of aromatherapy
–Botany, extraction and chemistry of essential oils
–Absorption, metabolism and excretion of essential oils
–Profiles of common essential oils
–Skin, olfaction and essential oils
–Blending and safety of usage

2 hours x 5 classes, $375 including class materials
(private lesson $480 )
Wednesday 11 am – 1:00 pm

power of scents
Intensive approach to aromatherapy from various angles.
Graduate students of this 200-hour diploma course will be eligible to apply for the ARC ( examination for Certification of Registered Aromatherapist.

Group sessions/lessons: $3,200
Apprentice Private sessions/lessons: $4,000

joy of scents
Focus on blending of essential oils beyond natural perfume. Create your own subtle scents with an aromatherapeutic approach.

3 hours x 2 classes, $210 materials $20
(private lesson $320 )

scented touch
Touch is a beautiful sensation. Gentle hand and foot massage are incorporated along with aromatherapy basic study. The sense of smell and touch bring deep relaxation.

science and chemistry of essential oils
Beyond scents, essential oils can be used therapeutically. The essential oils are highly concentrated fragrant compounds from aromatic plants. The more one uses the essential oils in many various ways, it becomes necessary to know the chemistry of essential oils and why they work.

aromatic laboratory
This is a hands on blending and crafting class. We focus on the usage of essential oils in our daily life and study what essential oils can do.

aromatic kitchen
Aromatherapy begins in the kitchen. Cinnamon, orange, thyme, ginger, lavender, coffee, wine, cheese, soy sauce… all foods contain aromatic compounds. Explore how we can savor the maximum flavors and their medicinal value.

aromatic beauty
What is beauty? We believe beauty begins from inside, and we see how we can incorporate aromatic essence holistically to beauty care.

class policy

To register for a class, e-mail mariko@maliliko.comor call 212-567-5506.

Personal checks or cash are accepted.
Payment is required at the time of registration. Your spot cannot be guaranteed until payment is received.
Please make check payable to Mariko Hashimoto.

We require 7 days’ notice for all cancellations.
Cancellation of 3 days’ before the class will require 50% of payment.
Cancellation the day before or the day of the class will require 100% of payment.

make-up classes
If you could not attend scheduled date of the entire session, but still want to take the missed class, we require $40/hr for private make up class.

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